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I know your choice wouldn't be to participate in a class with 30-40 individuals - lost in the crowd, no one pushing you, no one correcting your form, no individual attention!  My unique approach offers just that, boutique style service! I provide that personal attention and I dedicate 100% to each and every class to provide that true workout experience.  I choose from the latest music mix to keep you energized and excited to come to my class and experience new and innovative routines every day! My classes are intended for women of all different levels and ages. My workouts are fun, energetic and rigorous. No pain no gain!  My price point is truly competitive and my Facebook reviews speak for themselves.  Surpass your fears, challenge your limits and GO FOR IT!!

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Fashion meets affordability at stylish Luxury Labels, the upscale designer consignment and boutique located in Manalapan, NJ. Luxury Labels offers a wide selection of new and gently preowned women's apparel, handbags, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry from top-name fashion designers. An ever-changing inventory features premier fashion designs from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Burberry, Tory Burch and many other preferred labels.  Luxury Labels only accepts the most sought after pieces in excellent condition, which means there are often brand new items from the current season. 

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The history of the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios began in 1912 with a man named Arthur Murray, an American symbol of entrepreneurial success and social dancing, who was among the first to use advertising techniques considered cutting edge at the time. Our trained professionals can make you feel at home in the friendly atmosphere of an Arthur Murray Dance Studio so you can feel comfortable on any dance floor and with any dance partner. 

At TOTville we utilize innovations and discoveries to enhance results for our patients through engaging interactions and activities. Our program allows kids to establish core foundational skills and enhances a broad range of basic activities and social interactions (e.g., grooming, playtime/socializing, feeding, etc.).

The goal of both Montessori and Traditional schooling is the same: to provide learning experiences for the child. The biggest differences lie in the kind of learning experiences each school provides and the methods they use to accomplish this goal. Montessori educators believe both differences are important because they help shape what a child learns, his work habits, and his future attitudes toward himself and the world around him.

Bread House Cafe & Bakery in Manalapan, NJ is officially open! Come see our wide menu variety, including our pastries and freshly baked bread!

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Knit’s Fabulous! is New Jersey’s premiere luxury yarn retail store. We have hand picked specialty yarns for you from around the world! Our team members - all knitters - are passionate about helping you learn to knit, advance your skills or even choose the best patterns and yarns for your next knitting project.  We founded and developed Knit’s Fabulous! to provide knitters, beginners to instructors alike, a Fabulous knitting experience. Browse, shop, knit or join us for any one of our knitting classes.

Phone: (732) 431-2226 ext. 212 

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC is an American real estate franchise owned by Realogy with headquarters in Madison, New Jersey. It was founded in 1906 in San Francisco. The company has about 3000 offices in almost 50 countries and territories.

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Wig Illusions is a family owned business operating in Manalpan for the past 25 years, specializing in chemotherapy hair loss, hereditery hair loss, alopecia, thinning hair, mens units or even just those bad hair days. We have a full line of synthetic, human hair and human hair blends and also stock a complete line of hats,  turbans and scarves

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And the rest....

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At Rising Stars, we are "Dance & So Much More." This means that our students not only receive a dance and performing arts education, but they also learn discipline, dedication, teamwork, patience, good work ethic, respect and kindness that will prepare them for college and beyond.

Our dance and performing arts classes provide healthy exercise, fun, positive self-esteem, discipline, and knowledge combined with camaraderie. We encourage individualized, personal growth as well as teamwork. We provide a fun filled, safe, and healthy "Home Away From Home." We are honored and privileged to share, in some small way, the development of that unique individual, your precious child, our "Rising Star."  Also proud to be a offical, licensed Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy.

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